Global Immunodiagnostics Market 2015-2019


Immunodiagnostics is a class of in vitro diagnostics that utilizes antigen-antibody reaction as its primary means of detecting infectious diseases, tumors, drug abuse, diabetes, proteins, therapeutic drugs, and allergens. Immunodiagnostics tests are analytical methods that require different immunodiagnostics instruments and antibodies as reagents against the desired antigens to be detected. The results of the tests are used to help in diagnosis, and they have widespread clinical applications. Immunodiagnostics tests are also helpful in the field of forensic science, environmental science, and food analysis. 
Technavio's analysts forecast the global immunodiagnostics market to grow at a CAGR of 6.59% over the period 2015-2019. Read More Here.

Marek Hosek